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Adjustable USB Cup Warmer for Coffee & Tea - Keep Your Drink Hot

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Keep Your Drink Perfectly Warm with Our USB Cup Warmer

Attention: Coffee and Tea Lovers!

Are you tired of your coffee or tea going cold before you can even finish it? Say goodbye to lukewarm disappointment and hello to perpetually warm beverages with our USB Cup Warmer.

Sleek, Efficient, and Adjustable

Crafted for the ultimate convenience, our USB Cup Warmer is more than just a gadget; it's your new favorite desk companion. With its electric touch pad, you can easily adjust the temperature to ensure your drink stays exactly how you like it - hot. Its sleek design not only looks good on any desk but is also compact enough for easy portability.

Perfect for Any Beverage

Whether it's your morning coffee, afternoon tea, or even a cup of hot chocolate, our cup warmer keeps your drink at the perfect temperature for as long as you need. Imagine the comfort of sipping your favorite hot beverage at its ideal warmth, anytime, without the rush.

  • Temperature Adjustable: Tailor the warmth to your exact liking.
  • USB Powered: Convenience at your fingertips, plug it into any USB port.
  • Safety Features: Equipped with an automatic shut-off to ensure safety.
  • Versatile Use: Perfect for home, office, or while traveling.



Don't Let Your Drink Go Cold Again

Ready to revolutionize the way you enjoy your beverages? Order your USB Cup Warmer today and keep your drink delightfully warm, sip after satisfying sip. Say goodbye to cold coffee and tea and hello to the perfect drink temperature, every time.

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Elevate your drink experience with our USB Cup Warmer. Because your beverage deserves to be enjoyed exactly how you like it - warm and comforting.


How does it work?

Operating instructions: heating gear 3.
1. The first time you touch the switch to raise the gear, the red indicator light will be on
2. Touch the switch again to open the middle gear, and the blue indicator light will light up
3. Touch the switch to start the low gear for the third time, and it will light up the green indicator light

What's included?

1x Heating pad 


Product name: USB heating coaster
Material: aluminum alloy tempered glass
Size: 7 * 102 mm
Voltage: DC 5V/2A
Power: 8-10W
Switches: connecting switches
Safety protection: automatic shutdown after working for 8 hours

1. It is made of high-quality plastic materials, safe, non-toxic, tasteless and hygienic.
2. It can be used to heat milk, tea, coffee, etc.
3. Light weight, easy to carry, and won't take up too much space.
4. It can be used repeatedly, durable and long-term.
5. Third gear temperature regulation.
6. Suitable for schools, dormitories and offices, easy to use coasters.


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