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AquaSwirl 1080° Premium Faucet Pivot

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Tired of limited faucet movement and unpredictable splashes that make simple tasks like washing your face or rinsing your mouth a hassle?


Introducing the AquaSwirl 1080° Premium Faucet Pivot! With its 1080° rotary switch, you can direct water exactly where you need it. Choose between two water modes for optimal flow. Plus, installation is a breeze – no tools required. Enjoy a splash-proof experience with tight sealing to ensure no water leakage. Upgrade your faucet and make everyday tasks more convenient! 

Convenience at its Best

 With its foldable design, our faucet can be tucked away or positioned exactly where you need it, simplifying everything from facial cleansing to gargling after brushing your teeth.



Dual Water Flow Design

Choose from a strong, high-pressure shower spray to blast away stubborn food particles or a soft, oxygen-enriched foam stream for gentle handwashing. Our dual-mode faucet ensures you have the right water flow for every task.

Universal Fit:

Worried about compatibility? Our faucet is designed to fit all standard taps, making installation a breeze in your kitchen, bathroom, or lavatory.    



Diameter: 24mm outer filament, 22mm inner filament, 20mm inner thick wire
Product weight: (single-mode) 152g, (dual-mode) 165g, small accessories 36g
Product standard configuration: 
Size: 10.8*5.5*4.8cm
Material: Copper
Nominal pressure: 1-6 (Mpa)
Working temperature: 99 (℃)
Specifications: Single-mode water outlet-manipulator arm silver, dual-mode water outlet-manipulator arm silver
Installation type: Screw type

What's Included?

1 x Robot arm faucet 
3 x sealing ring (each a different size)
1 x small wrench 


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