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Automatic Cup Washer for Bars & Kitchens - High-Pressure Spray Sink Faucet

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Fast and Effective Cleaning

The Automatic Cup Washer is equipped with a high-pressure water spray system that effectively cleans all types of cups and bottles, such as beer mugs, milk bottles, and tea cups, ensuring a thorough and efficient cleaning process.


Excellent Hygiene

The high-pressure water spray system easily removes dirt and stains from your cups and bottles, leaving them sparkling clean and maintaining excellent hygiene standards.


Practical and Hygienic Solution

The Automatic Cup Washer provides an ideal solution for achieving both practicality and hygiene. Enjoy the convenience of effortlessly cleaning your cups and bottles while ensuring a hygienic environment for your beverages.


Easy to Use and Install

This practical cleaning tool is designed for easy operation and features a user-friendly installation process. You can quickly set it up and have it ready for use in no time.


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