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Magnetic Building Blocks Set - Fun & Educational Toy for Kids

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Magnetic Marvels: The Building Blocks of Fun and Learning!

Hey there, parents! Are you tired of the same old, dull toys that entertain your kids for a minute and then turn into expensive paperweights? We know the struggle. You're looking for something that not only keeps your little ones engaged but also sparks their creativity and intellect. It's a tall order, right?



Imagine toys scattered everywhere, none of them doing the trick. Your child is bored, and you're frustrated. Those regular blocks and puzzles are just not cutting it anymore. They're either too simple, too complex, or just plain uninteresting. And let's not even start on the safety concerns with some of those 'high-tech' options. You need a hero in the toy box, something that will stand the test of time and the rigor of play.

Enter the world of Magnetic Stick Building Blocks from Urban Goods Hub! These aren't your average blocks. They're a magnetic wonder that turns playtime into an adventure in learning and creativity. Here's why you'll love them:

New Design, High Quality: Fresh out of the box with a design that screams fun and quality that endures.
Educational and Fun: These blocks are like a brain gym for your kids. They come into contact with different shapes, fostering thinking logic from an early age.
Imagination Unleashed: From easy to challenging, these blocks are a playground for the imagination. Watch your child build their big world!
Magnetic Attraction: Changeable shapes and 360-degree rotation. It's like having a magic wand that turns every idea into a tangible creation.
Colorful and Safe: High saturation colors for visual stimulation and made from ABS material for safe, long-lasting play.
Pressure Resistance: These blocks can take a beating and come back for more, just like your little one's endless energy.
Learn with Play: Discover the magic of magnets. Positive, negative, it's all attractively educational!


    What's included?

    1 x set (available in the 25, 36, 42 & 64 pieces)


    Material: Plastic/Plastic/Magnetic
    Function: magnetic, assembled
    Packing method: color box
    Number of blocks (pieces): 25-64 pieces (pieces)
    Block net weight: different shapes have different weights
    Domino type: magnetic blocks

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