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6-Shot Glass Dispenser Set - Party Essential

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Are you hosting a party?

Hosting a party and serving drinks can be messy and time-consuming. Pouring individual shots for each guest often leads to spills and inconsistent amounts, taking away from the fun and elegance of the event.

Introducing the 6-Shot Glass Dispenser and Holder from Urban Goods Hub! This innovative bar accessory is designed to pour up to six shots at once, ensuring a perfect pour every time. Made from high-grade, transparent PMMA material, it's not only functional but also adds a touch of class to your gatherings.


 Versatile Use: Whether it's whisky, tequila, or even smoothies, this dispenser is perfect for any beverage. 

Stable and Secure: Comes with glassware for stability, whether the glasses are empty or full.

Elegant Design: The fancy goblet shape and unbreakable Plexiglass make it suitable for both upscale events and lively parties.

Customizable Pouring: Each pourer has its own cover, allowing you to customize the number of shots.

Easy Handling: At 6.5" tall and 5.75" wide, it's easy to carry and serve your guests directly.

Perfect for Any Occasion: Whether it's a casual get-together or a formal event, this dispenser is a game-changer, making serving drinks effortless, clean, and impressive.

What's included?

1x dispenser
6x shot cups


Material: organic glass
Style: Creative
Color: high permeability foam box, wine red foam box, sky blue foam box, gold foam box
Quantity of kits: one set of shelves+6 cups
Size: diameter 14cm, height 15cm

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