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Buy 30,000 mAh Power Bank Online | Ultra High Capacity

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  1. 30,000 mAh Capacity: A boundless ocean of energy, ready to empower your digital life.
  2. 4 USB Output Ports: Charge not one, not two, but four devices simultaneously. A symphony of connections.
  3. 3 Input Ports: Micro, USB-C, and Lightning. A trifecta of options, catering to your every need.
  4. Compatibility: Harmonizes with most USB devices. A universal embrace.
  5. Protection Mechanisms: Overcharge, over-discharge, overvoltage, overcurrent, and short-circuit protection. A guardian, watching over your digital treasures.
  6. LED Digital Display: Know the exact percentage of remaining power. No more guessing games, only certainty.
  7. LED Flashlight: A beacon in the dark, for those moments when you need a guiding light.


  1. High-Speed Charging: Time is of the essence, and this power bank understands.
  2. Versatility: Multiple input and output options make it a chameleon of adaptability.
  3. Safety: Rest easy, knowing your devices are protected from electrical mishaps.
  4. Informed Usage: The LED display keeps you in the loop, so you can plan your charging sessions like a maestro.
  5. Emergency Lighting: The LED flashlight is your companion in the dark, a flicker of hope when you need it most.

Who May Benefit:

  • Teenagers: Always on the go, always connected.
  • Outdoor Enthusiasts: For those who wander into the wilderness, camping and hiking.
  • Festival Goers: Keep the party going, without the fear of your devices dying.
  • Anyone: Truly, anyone who seeks the freedom from the tyranny of wall sockets and tangled cords.

What is included?

1x 30,000 mah external battery power bank


Product battery: 30,000 mAh
Product features: Double-sided UV baking paint process
Power display: LCD digital display
Product size: 154 * 74 * 33MM
Compatibility: compatible with 99% of electronic devices on the market
Product input: 2A
Product output: 2A

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