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TurboTwist: Large Squeeze Mop

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Exhausted by the hassle of hand-wringing, stooping to scrub, maneuvering under furniture, and constantly purchasing throwaway mop pads?

Switch to our large flat mop, complete with an automatic wringing mechanism, extended grip, fully rotational 360° head, and eco-friendly microfiber pads for a seamless and budget-friendly cleaning journey.

Self-contained Dewatering Scraper:

  • The mop comes with a built-in dewatering scraper.
  • It allows for easy dehydration of the mop by moving the scraper up and down.
  • The scraper also has a toothed comb to remove hair and other debris from the mop.
  • This feature eliminates the need to touch the mop directly, maintaining hygiene.

Stainless Steel Long Handle:

  • The handle is made of 3 sections of stainless steel poles, totaling 137cm (53.93 inches) in length.
  • It's designed to suit most people's height, reducing the need for frequent bending and squatting.
  • The stainless steel material ensures durability and long-term use.

 360° Freely Rotating Mop Head:

  • The mop head can rotate 360°, allowing it to reach under beds, sofas, and other hard-to-clean areas.
  • It ensures no corner is left uncleaned.
  • The handle has a hook for easy, vertical storage.

2 Microfiber Pads:

  • The mop is equipped with 2 microfiber pads.
  • These pads have strong water absorption capabilities.
  • They can be machine washed multiple times without deformation, saving you from frequent replacements.

Suitable For A Variety Of Floors:

  • The mop is versatile and can be used on tile, wood, laminate, and resin floors.
  • It's designed for daily use and won't scratch your floors.

Who May Benefit:

  1. Busy Individuals: Those who have little time for cleaning will find the quick and efficient features a boon.
  2. Elderly or Physically Challenged: The long handle and easy-to-use scraper make it accessible.
  3. Pet Owners: The microfiber pads and scraper comb are excellent for picking up pet hair.
  4. Homeowners with Varied Flooring: Its suitability for multiple floor types makes it a one-stop solution.

What's included?

Packing List:
1 x mop
2 x cloth


Category: Flat mop
Mop materials: fine fiber
Type of dust mop: cloth cover type
Mop Rod material: Stainless steel
Load-bearing of the mop Rod: more than 10kg
Color: white or blue
Rod length 137cm
Moping surface 42 cm x 12 cm

For optimal performance, regularly clean the mop head after each use and replace it when signs of wear and tear appear.

Keep the mop head dry when not in use to prevent mold or mildew growth.

Avoid using bleach or harsh chemicals when washing the mop head, as it may damage the microfiber material.

Store the mop head in a cool and dry place to maintain its quality and effectiveness over time.



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