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14-In-1 Outdoor Emergency Survival Kit

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Are you prepared for the unexpected?

When adventure calls, the great outdoors can be unpredictable. But with our 14-in-1 Outdoor Emergency Survival Kit, you can face the wilderness with confidence.

Our compact and lightweight survival kit is your answer. Packed in a durable, waterproof case, it includes a glow-in-the-dark compass for easy navigation, a wire saw for cutting resources, a high-frequency whistle for signaling, and a tactical torch flashlight for those dark, unforeseen moments. Plus, with a multi-function knife, a portable mini light, and an emergency thermal blanket, you're equipped for any scenario.

  • Versatile Tools: From a saber card that fits in your wallet to a tungsten steel pen for breaking glass in emergencies, each tool serves multiple purposes.
  • Compact Design: At just 6.4 x 4.1 x 1.9 inches and weighing only 1 pound, this kit is designed to be easily carried without weighing you down.
  • Gift of Preparedness: Not only is it essential for your own adventures, but it also makes a thoughtful gift for the brave and adventurous spirits in your life.

 What's included?

1.Multi-Function Compass: 360-degree rotating bezel for easy navigation and orienteering, compass glows in the dark, making it easy to read in any weather.
2. Wire Saw: Cut wood (not more than 3 inches), plastic, bone, rubber, and soft metal.
3. Whistle: High-Frequency Double Hole Whistle, the sound is louder, and the rescue team can find you faster.
4. Case(All survival tools will be packaged in a black box): Waterproof and shockproof storage Case.
5. Saber Card: Credit card size, easy to fit in your wallet or bag. Can opener, cap opener, 4 position wrench, 2 position wrench, butterfly wrench, directional wrench, screwdriver, knife blade, saw blade, ruler, key chain, etc.
6. Multiple-function Tactics Knife: Multiple-function survival knife, ideal for any use.
7. Portable Mini Light: Small, practical can also be a key ring.
8. Water Bottle Retaining: Simple and solid way to carry a water bottle.
9. Tactical Torch Flashlight: A compact handheld flashlight that magnifies the beam or amplifies the illumination. With ultra-high-brightness LED lights, you can run for a few hours with just one AA battery (AA battery not included).
10. Emergency Thermal Blanket: Provides convenient easy protection in cold or warm weather conditions.
11. Multi-function scrape
12. Firer steins fire starter
13. Emergence Tungsten Steel Pen: Made of tungsten steel for superior strength and portability, breaking window glass, and escaping in an emergency situation.

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