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Rainbow Counting Dinosaurs: Kids Fun Education & Montessori Learning

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Unleash the Power of Playful Learning with Rainbow Counting Dinosaurs!

"Transform Learning into an Adventure!"

Welcome to a world where colors brighten the path to learning and dinosaurs are not just creatures of the past but guides to understanding the world. Introducing Rainbow Counting Dinosaurs, the perfect blend of fun, education, and imagination.

"Designed for Young Minds"

Our Rainbow Counting Dinosaurs are more than just toys. They are a gateway to early education and cognitive development. Crafted for little hands and curious minds, these vibrant dinosaurs make learning about numbers, colors, and basic math concepts an exciting adventure.

  • Montessori-Approved: Encourages self-directed activity, hands-on learning, and collaborative play.
  • Educational and Fun: Perfectly balances cognitive development with the joy of play.
  • Safe and Durable: Made with child-friendly materials, ensuring they are safe for all-day play.

"Every Color Counts, Every Dinosaur Teaches"

Imagine your child's delight as they sort, count, and name the colors of these enchanting dinosaur figures. Each dinosaur is a step towards mastering basic concepts, from numbers and colors to early math skills.

  • Boost Cognitive Skills: Enhances memory, encourages problem-solving, and develops fine motor skills.
  • Promote Color Recognition: A rainbow of dinosaurs to introduce a spectrum of colors.
  • Foster Imagination and Creativity: Opens a world of possibilities for storytelling and creative play.

With Rainbow Counting Dinosaurs, learning is never monotonous. It's an endless exploration that keeps children engaged and eager to discover more.



"Start Your Child's Journey to Joyful Learning Today!"

Don't wait to give your child the gift of joyful learning. Order your set of Rainbow Counting Dinosaurs now and watch as they embark on a journey filled with discovery, learning, and endless fun.

  • Limited Time Offer: Grab your set today and take advantage of our special discount!
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: Love it, or your money back. No questions asked.

Buy Now - unleash the joy of learning

Give your child the tools they need to explore, learn, and grow with Rainbow Counting Dinosaurs. Because every child deserves a bright, colorful start to their education.


Size information

Package size: 9*9*17cm

What's included?

1x Educational toys 


Material: plastic
Product Category: Educational Toys
Color: 2188-16 marine animal cognition 327.8g, 2188-17 vehicle cognition 327.8g, 2188-18 wild animal cognition 327.8g, 2188-19 animal cognition 327.8g, 2188-20 dinosaur cognition 327.8g, 2188-25 family version 327.8g, 2188-27 koala new product 327.8g, 6 dinosaur cards (double-sided printing) 2 yuan, 2 wooden dice (one color and one number) 1 yuan
Applicable age: teenagers (7-14 years old)

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