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Zen Flex Back & Shoulder Massager

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Fighting Against Back Pain?

Back discomfort is all too familiar for many Americans. Whether it's from awkward sleeping angles, sudden movements during workouts, or slouching over a desk, the strain accumulates. Our wireless neck massager offers a sanctuary for your cervical spine, providing the deep relaxation you've been yearning for. Regular sessions can work wonders for your well-being.



Melts Away Muscle Tension & Rigidity: Experience the magic of our potent deep-kneading shiatsu nodes that shift direction every minute, targeting overworked and tense muscles. Coupled with a calming heat feature, it soothes your aching muscles by infusing them with warmth.

Customizable Heat Therapy & Three Power Settings: The heated massage rollers not only warm your body but also enhance blood flow, further relaxing your muscles. With a smart 15-minute auto-shutoff and built-in overheat protection, you can enjoy peace of mind—even if you forget to power down your handheld massage cushion.


Experience Bliss On-the-Go or In the Comfort of Your Home

Our Shiatsu shoulder massager is your versatile companion, equipped with both an AC adapter (100-240V) and a Car adapter (12V DC). Its compact design ensures you can take it anywhere—be it your home, office, travels, camping trips, or even in your car. Powered by a pure electric copper motor, it operates both efficiently and quietly, ensuring a serene experience without disturbing those around you.


What's included?

1x Massager
1x Adapter
1x Car power adapter cable
1x user manual


Input voltage: 100-240V; 50-60HZ
Output voltage: 12V
Power: 25W
Connect output port of power adapter to the massager plug. If used in car, connect the output port of cigarette lighter to the massager plug.
Press the power switch of control panel. The massager start to work.
Press the direction button, the massager heads rotate in reverse repeatedly.
Press the infrared button, start infrared heating function.
After use, turn off the massager then disconnect the plug.

1. Infrared heating massage, when kneading produce hot compress effect
2. 8 carbon fiber massage head, massage more in place
3. top grade skin PU material, soft touch
4. Equipped with two power lines, car home double enjoyment, so that massage is more convenient
5. High temperature safety control
6. Selected high-quality double-layer wear-resistant network design, quality is more reliable 


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